13 January 2008

'Take it Further'

I've signed up for Sharon B's 'Take it Further' Challenge. Each month there will be 2 options: a key option or colour scheme or a design element.

"The key concept for January is a feeling we have all had, the feeling of admiration for another. Ask yourself who do you look up to and admire? Why? What is it you admire about them?"

and the colour option is:

I was immediately drawn to the colour option as I admire a lot of people and couldn't narrow it down to just one person. Over Christmas I watched the film 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'
and after some thought I think I know what to do. I admire the way painters centuries ago could with many layers of paint reproduce fabric in their paintings so well that you could almost feel the silkiness of the satin. I'm going to try in acrylics (faster drying than oils) my version of a painting of fabric. It may not come to anything but I'll give it a try.

Lynda has posted her version of an Andy Worhol painting done in Photoshop. A few years ago I did a class on Digital Imaging and one of the exercises was Posterizing a black and white photograph. So I found a picture of Vermeer's ' Girl with a Pearl Earring' and using the colour option I came up with this.

06 January 2008

Calendar Girls January Postcard

It's only the first week of 2008 but already 10 of the Calendar Girls have finished their postcards so I thought I'd better get on with mine, don't want to be left behind.

I decided to zoom in part of one sunflower so I started by making a few sketches

I couldn't decide which one to use so made 2 postcards. I scanned the sketches in to my computer then printed them on to a piece of cotton to use as a basis for FME.

I've decided to ask Sharon which one she prefers and I can keep the other one for myself.

03 January 2008

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my Happy New Year Post telling me not to be so hard on myself. You don't want to sound as if you are showing off so I think you can over compensate and begin to doubt your own abilities........anyway I've put photos of some of the work I did last year in to 'Webshot' slideshows and I am amazed when you see it like this how much I did do.


City and Guilds Certificate Module 1

Doodling Designs

Unlimited Textiles swaps

Temple Dancer

01 January 2008

Looking forward

As I said in a previous post I don't make New Year resolutions then you can't break them but I thought I'd make a list of what I hope to achieve this year in my Art/Textile work and then at the end of the year compare with what I have actually done....should be interesting.

Well for a start I've got my challenges -

Calendar Girls 12 postcards based on the Calendar from Doreen

Unlimited Textiles continued Quiltie swaps.

Take it Further from Sharon B - she's posted the first design challenge but I'll have to get my thinking cap on before I get started.

I would like to finish Module 2 of C & G by Easter, which may be pushing it a bit as it's early this year but I'll see how I go with it. I'd like to to do at least 2 Modules this year.

I plan on doing Monoprinting and Fertile Earth with Susan Sorrell plus Lizzy the Lizard Handbag at Joggles and any other classes that take my fancy during the year.

I had to defer from my OCA 'Drawing in Colour' course in February '07 so I'm due to resume it next month but I'm not sure if I will, I've lost the momentum so I'll have to have a think about it. I would like to have done their 'Painting 1: Starting to Paint' course but they've put the price up to £580 which is a lot of money when you only have a certain amount of spare cash and I could use that for the various art/textile supplies I need over the year.

If I don't carry on with it I would like to do more drawing and painting this year, I didn't do much last year. I suppose I can do some of the exercises if and when I feel like it......there won't be any pressure so perhaps I'll enjoy it more. I must make the effort to draw in my sketch book each day if I can as well.