27 November 2007

Doodling Designs Lesson 5

For this lesson we had to use one of our doodle stamps and fabric paint on to a piece of material before choosing a doodle to stitch on top.

I've gone a bit mad and started two pieces.

I've finished stitching the doodle in black on the pink one and half way through stitching on the blue/green one.

Doodling Designs Lesson 4 finished

I've finally finished the doodle for lesson 4. I added different stitches to each of the the fabric shapes and then some beads to the background to make it sparkle a bit.

I think if I did this lesson again I'd overlap some of the doodles but overall I'm pleased with the finished result.

The fabric on the back is some I bought a few weeks ago at Abakhans in Liverpool. It was reduced by 75% so couldn't resist buying a metre of it, I knew it would come in handy one day but I didn't realise how soon I'd be using it.

Take it Further 2008 Challenge

I've nearly caught up with TAST stitches but I thought I'd let you know Sharon has announced what next years challenge will be, it's the "Take It Further Challenge".

I've enjoyed learning some of the new stitches that Sharon has introduced us to over the past year and I hope I'll be able to use some of them in this new challenge.

17 November 2007

C & G Module 1 finished

Hurray I've finished Module 1 of my C & G course. I thought I was never going to get it done. You know how it is you lose the momentum and go on to other things. Anyway I put it in the post yesterday so if you want to see what I've done go to my other blog

Doodling Designs Lesson 4

For this lesson we made our doodles out of fabric.

I followed Susan's instructions and put the back on before putting the fabric doodles on. If I do this again I'll finish the doodle part before putting the backing on.

I decided to FME the background so that is now on the backing as well but it doesn't detract too much from the patterned fabric I've used. Doh!! haven't taken a photo of the back, memo to self to take one once I've finished adding more embroidery, beading etc.

16 November 2007

On this day.....

... 50 years ago my Mum and Dad got married.

Unfortunately they had less than 12 years together as man and wife, Mum has been a widow 3 times longer than she was a wife. I couldn't let today pass without commemorating what would have been their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

The lady to the left of Mum is her mother, and the man to the right of Dad is his father.

11 November 2007

Doodling Designs lesson 3

For this lesson we had to use a doodle or part of it and make a stamp. I've not got any of the Artist's carving block Susan recommended, it's a bit expensive to use just for experimenting with but I must get some to have in for proper work. Anyway I used a piece of garden kneeling pad to make my stamp.

I used lino cutting tools but it didn't cut cleanly, but it will do for a practice one. I've got some 2 x 6 cm rubbers that I think I'll have a go with. They'll only make small stamps but I should be able to get something out of them. Anyway this is what the finished stamp looks like when stamped on to a piece of white cotton with fabric paint.

Doodling Designs lesson 2 update

I've finished all the stitching on my collage at last. I had to re-do the french knots because I'd rubbed so much to get rid of the water soluble paper it had made a mess of them. The 2nd photo makes the colours look a bit washed out they are darker than that but I'm wondering whether to add some more paints to the background to darken it plus add other colours. What does everyone think????

Just had a thought I could leave this as it is and colour another piece of fabric to have a go on!!!

05 November 2007

Doodling Designs lesson 2

I'm half way through lesson 2 but thought I'd post what I've done so far. We had to make a collage of photo's from a magazine, but I must be one of the few women in the UK who never buys women's magazines so I had to find another solution. I decided to use some of my own photographs to make my collage.

Then I cropped and enlarged the part I wanted to use

then used the filter 'Find edges' in Photoshop.

Next I used some Javana silk paints to colour a 12 inch square of cotton fabric, it's not as light as the photo shows but I still think it will need some more paint putting on when I've finished embroidering.

The design was drawn on to a piece of water soluble paper

and then I used black embroidery thread to back stitch the design. I thought I was running out of thread as well at one point but I looked through my stash and found 2 skeins so I should have just enough to finish this piece. Black isn't a colour I usually have much of but I'll have to stock up with some next time I go to town, module 2 of C & G is about Tone so I'll be using a lot of black and white.

Can't say I'm very keen on water soluble paper either. I managed to pull at lot of it off but had to wet the rest to get it of but it sticks like mad. I even used a toothbrush to see if that helped but it didn't, much. Now it's dry you can see a slight haze on the black thread where it must still be stuck.

Now I've just got to doodle on the rest of the fabric and embroider it.

PS to clarify how I got the black and white design to work with. In Photoshop click on 'image>mode>grayscale' to discard the colour information then click on 'filter>stylize>find edges' and you should get something similar to my design.


Jackie had a link to the work of Vincent Floderer so I had a look and what amazing thing he can do with paper. I found this You Tube of him making a mushroom. I used to watch a programme on origami in the early 70's so I've got to have a go at this one day.

October Swaps

I can show you the Quiltie and bookmarks I made for Octobers swap on the them of 'Feeling Blue' because the ladies have received them.

I made them all on my new embellisher. The quiltie is made with wool, silk and hand dyed scrim on a piece of felt with some heart shaped crystals and a few beads sewn on.

The bookmarks are wool, silk and scrim on silk painted vilene.