29 October 2007

Doodling Designs lesson 1 ATC's

I finally got my new reading glasses on Friday so spent the weekend stitching. Susan said it was best to do something small to start with so I chose to make a couple of ATC's.

After making a load of doodles I isolated part of one to use.

I didn't have Timtex so had to use some thickish Vilene to paint with Javana Silk paints, then stitched the design with black thread. I added a few diamente shapes to this one,

and a few beads on this one as well.

22 October 2007

Doodling Designs lesson 1

I got lesson one of Doodling Designs on Friday so spent the weekend doing some doodles. Probably like most people I doodled on the front of my exercise books at school I've but not really done much since. I started off a bit tentatively and put too much thought into it instead of letting my mind wonder and letting the stick do it's own thing with the Indian ink.

Once I stopped thinking about what I was doing and changed to using some artists pens and a brush pen I think I managed to do some better doodles!!!! but I'll still find a use for the first ones.

19 October 2007

Doodling Designs

I've just got the first lesson in the Joggles online class I've enrolled for with Susan Sorrell.....Doodling Designs. I'm hoping it will help me loosen up and not be so precise in my work. Just printed the lesson and off to have a read through while I have a cup of tea.

TAST catch up

I've caught up with all the TAST stitches.

A in the photo is Week 38 Knotted buttonhole band and B is Week 39 Reversed Buttonhole Bar.

C is Week 40 Linked Double Chain, D is Week 41 Lace Border Stitch and finally E is Week 42 Twisted Satin Stitch.

I won't be doing much sewing over the weekend. I had my eyes tested last Tuesday, I've been having headaches and eye strain so I'm leaving off until I get my new glasses early next week......and a sign of age I've had to get an extra pair for when I do close work.

I don't believe it

Here in Liverpool we've been without any post for an extra week because our postmen have been on unofficial strike but they went back last night. I thought great I'll get some post at last so with anticipation I go to the door when I hear something come through the letter box. What was it... the subscription to my art magazines or computer magazine, maybe the first of my subscription to Quilting Arts magazine, no the one and only letter delivered today was wait for it......my credit card bill. Isn't it always the way you look forward to something and what do you get a bill, they can always be relied on to find their way can't they.

14 October 2007

More books

I treated myself to some more books from Amazon last month and they arrived on Friday.

This is the paperback version that's not long come out

and these 2 have only recently been published.

If only there where 48 hours in a day to try all the new techniques I'm learning from all these books and all the inspirational artists whose blogs I read.

Another new toy

I've taken the plunge and bought myself an embellisher.

I looked at the Janome Xpression in John Lewis but they where charging £249 so I decided to look on the internet and got what I think is a good deal from here. It cost £199 plus I got this worth £25 for free.

This DVD worth £19.95 for free.

and this Carry Case worth £18.95 for free.

So altogether I saved £113.90, I do like a bargain don't you. I couldn't believe the service either. I ordered it at 11am last Thursday and it arrive at 12 noon the next day.

I've had an experiment with it to make sure it is in working order but if I'm not around for a few days you'll know what I'm up to.

Tagged again

I've been tagged by Doreen, I've got to tell you 7 honest things about myself. Okay here goes,

1. I have always had a weight problem, and over the past few years it has got worse so I am ashamed to say I am 6 stone overweight. No matter how much I try I cannot lose the excess weight.

2. I worry about what impression I give to people when I first meet them. Silly I know but it's something I can't help.

3. If I'm not careful I can easily get bored. I will start something but then read an article or book and think I must have a go at that so lose interest in the thing I'm working on and it then becomes a chore to finish.

4. I haven't been on holiday for over 20 years and the only time I've been abroad is on a school trip to France for a week when I was 13.

5. I HATE going to the dentist. You would have to drag me kicking and screaming to the dentist chair.

6. I don't mind spiders within reason but I would run a mile (if I had the energy) if I saw, Yuk I can't even type the word without cringing, a cockroach or any other beetle.

7. I was going to tell you about my bad eyesight, that I can't swim or ride a bike but I've told you about those things when I was tagged a while back so if you want to read about them or refresh your memory go here.

I'm supposed to tag 6 others but I know some people don't like being tagged plus a lot of those I would choose already have been by others - so instead if you're reading this and you've never been tagged and want to join in consider yourself tagged.

08 October 2007

She's finished...........

Big Boobies is a complete woman at last. I really must find a suitable name for her though I can't keep calling her 'Big Boobies'. The beading took me the longest to do. I could only do a few inches at a time before I started to get a headache. I need to get new glasses so it's off to the opticians soon. Anyway back to my Temple Dancer.... her she is in all her glory. She was well worth the wait. I think my 11 year old nephew was a bit embarrassed when I showed her to him yesterday he said wasn't she going to wear anything!!!!! I discreetly put my hand over her boobs to save him any further embarrassment and explained she was a temple dancer and that's all she wore.

Close up of her face

Upper body

Close up of back of hair - 3 strands of various wools

03 October 2007

Unlimited Textiles September Swap

The theme for the September swap on Unlimited Textiles was Colour combinations. The quiltie was for Fiona this month. I used a design I made with the extended square technique I posted about last month.

I used the complementary colours purple and yellow, mostly because I had some fabric I'd dyed a couple of days before to use in my C & G (BTW I've posted Chapter 10 on my other Blog if you want to see what I've been up to). I was going to do cut back appliqué but the shapes where a bit small and fiddly to I ended up machine appliquéing the purple on to the yellow and then hand quilting the yellow.

This postcard is for Susan K. It wasn't until after I'd finished I reread that the postcards where supposed to be in Colour combinations as well. As you can see a bit of orange has crept in. Bet you can't guess what the background is made of..... give up.... kitchen roll. That's right, kitchen roll. I had some pieces left over from when I was doing the Traci Bautista journal, I knew they'd come in useful. I FME it to some thick fabric then added french knots. The feathers are small peacock feathers I bought for putting in my Temple dancer dolls hair (when I finally get the beading done). The colours in the feathers don't show up to well in this photo

I hope you like them ladies.

I got this lovely Postcard from Margaret S. Isn't it gorgeous, so rich with embellishments.

This quiltie is from Alis who along with Jan runs the group.

The photos don't do justice to them. I can see I'm going to have to invest in a better camera at some point.

This months theme is 'Feeling Blue' so got to get my thinking cap on for ideas for a quiltie and 2 bookmarks.