26 August 2007

Artists Muse Chapter 5

I did the challenge from the book this month. I put pieces of tissue, paper towel, scrim and a few other things on to a piece of watercolour paper as a filter then poured different colours of watercolour paint on top and left it to dry. When I took the filters off this is what I was left with. There where a few white spaces so I painted a glaze over to blend them in with the rest. I wasn't expecting this effect. I'm going to print parts of it on to some t-shirt transfer paper to use in some future work.

I've put my work for Chapter 8 on my City and Guilds blog.

Temple Dancer update

I've managed to do a lot more work on my Temple Dancer with the Big Boobies. She now has a arms, hands and a head. I had to make another set of hands, the first where very wrinkled. I eventually bought a pair of forceps from Jan Horrox it was a lot easier to turn the small fingers with them.

I've started to sew the beads on for the henna tattoos but I don't think I'll have enough to finish so will have to go to town to buy more.

Goodies in the post

I've received some goodies in the post over the past week or 2.

Firstly I got this from Liz as part of the Getting to know you swap on the Unlimited Textiles group. The quilt I sent her had a heart on it as well, spooky or what!

I got this from Claire in the Quiltie swap. I love the colours in it.

Julie was offering a piece of fabric to anyone who left a comment so she sent me this gorgeous velvet material.

plus a few other goodies.

Isn't it a small world it turns out we knew each other from the Open College of the Arts forum.

Finally I got this from Carol. I was only admiring it on her blog the other day and low and behold it arrived yesterday. It's a replacement for the one she sent to celebrate her blogs 1st birthday but once again something sent to me has disappeared into the postal ether never to be seen again. I'm beginning to think I should get a large neon sign to hang over my house because I've lost track of the things that have gone missing, most recently my subscription issue of Computeractive magazine.

16 August 2007

Unlimited Textiles

I've joined the Yahoo Group Unlimited Textiles run by Alis and her friend Jan. So we can all get to know each other's work I signed up for the 'Getting to know you' Quiltie and ATC swap. I've never made a Quiltie before so I thought I'd try a couple before making one for the swap.

This first one is made with some cotton I rust dyed then overdyed with Procion dyes because they hadn't rusted very well. The squares at each corner have Transfer prints on them.

This one is in celebration of Liverpool's 800th birthday later this month. I printed the logo and word on to calico. It's the first time I've tried printing on to fabric so was very pleased at how it turned out.

.... and finally this is the one I made for Liz in Sheffield. Liz had to send me an ATC and it had a heart on it as well, spooky!!!!

BTW these Quilties are all 5 inch square, just a nice size to work on and hopefully as we swap more I'll become more experimental with them but still be me.

I finished the 2 ATC's I have to send to Maz and Claire this afternoon and I'll put them in the post tomorrow. I hope they like them.

I coloured some nappy liners with silk paints, cut them up into small shapes and ironed them on to a piece of cotton before putting a piece of scrim over the top. I got a pack of washers for 50p in Somerfield a few weeks ago so I used Buttonhole Wheel stitch to attach them with some of the thread I hand dyed a few weeks ago. You can't see in the photo but I brushed some 'Jo Sonja's Opal Dust' on to them which give them a bit of sparkle.

07 August 2007

Nice Award

I had a lovely surprise on Monday morning I got this Nice Award from Susan.

The Nice Matters Award is a new friendship award started by Bella Enchanted. This award is for the bloggers amongst many who are nice people, good friends, who inspire good feelings and inspire us. I have to pass it on to 7 others who I feel deserve this award.

Well the first recipient definitely has to be

Lynda .... who is an inspiration with her work which she freely shares it with us all and has generously sent me things she knows I will find helpful

Doreen .... a new friend on the other side of the world who always leaves encouraging comments on my blog

Helen .... who keeps us all entertained with her often hilarious exploits

Helen .... who's article in Stitch issue 40 first inspired me to start my C & G course

Carol .... who's blog has inspiring work on it and written tutorials for us so we can make our blogs look a bit different from everyone elses

Sharon B .... who shares her love of stitching and shares any online resource websites that she finds with us

It's been harder than I though it would be to choose just 7 'nice' bloggers out of all the great people I've met in cyberspace since I started this blogging lark. So sorry I've only been able to choose 6 and a few have already been nominated by others so the last nomination is to everyone else who's blog I regulary check out but are too numerous to mention.

06 August 2007

Temple Dancer 2nd Lesson

I've managed to do a bit more on my Temple Dancer doll. She now has legs and her body is stuffed. As she seems pretty well endowed in the bust area I've decided with a nod to 'Allo Allo' to nickname her the 'Temple Dancer with the Big Boobies'.

I couldn't find any buttons for the nipple so had to use a couple of beads from a fancy candle my Mum had been given but I think they work Ok.

Poor thing has got a bit of cellulite on the legs though hopefully when I put the bead decoration on it will cover a lot of it up.

I thought she had big feet when I first stuffed the legs but once the toes are sculpted they don't seem as big.

Now I've just got to find a way of turning her fingers inside out without the use of hermostat (forceps). Have you ever tried to sew fingers 1" by 1/4" let alone get them turned inside out so you can stuff them!!!!!!

02 August 2007

Touchy feely

Lynda has been busy doing some brilliant canvases lately. A few weeks ago I started something similar but I can only do a bit at a time as it is murder on your fingers. Anyway I finished at last and as I was doing the stitching on it I could feel the textures building up and thought that this piece would be ideal for someone who was blind or losing their sight, what do you think.

This next photo I tried taking at an angle so you could see the textures on it.

and here are a few close ups