29 April 2007

City & Guilds Chapter 2 Cut paper shapes

I spent yesterday and this afternoon cutting and sticking 'Star and Cross' paper shapes on to paper for the last bit of Chapter 2 of my City and Guilds. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out because I didn't think it would work with the papers I'd coloured.

I got a bit carried away and did 2 A3 sheets of shapes.

This 1st one is purple/lavender on yellow:

and the 2nd is yellow on purple/lavender:

You wouldn't think they would look so different considering they are both done with the same colours.

Ne'er cast a clout till May be out

Well I've cast my clout. I don't sleep too well at the best of times but I've been too warm over the past week so I've taken a chance and taken my thick duvet off my bed.

The weather has been lovely today here in Liverpool and is supposed to stay warm all week. There's only one fault when it gets warmer and we leave the windows open, there's a house on the corner of another street that play music loudly. Our house is on the corner as well so we can't get away from the noise by going in to a back room because all the windows are on to the street. I dread to think what it must be like living next door to them.

I can't remember it being this warm so early in the year. Except for a few odd weeks here and there the past winter has been quite mild as well so Global warming is definitely here. We're doing out small bit to reduce our Carbon footprint. Check out this website for more info. We've put Low Energy light bulbs in each room, though we've always been conscious of not wasting electricity by turning light off and not leaving things on stand by. Out landlord gave us the bulbs a while ago. I'd gone in to their local office and the receptionist asked if we'd got our bulbs. I expected her to give us 1 or maybe 2 at the most but she handed over a box of
10 I couldn't believe it.

The local council are now doing regular fortnightly re-cycling collection now. At first it was only paper, then they added glass and tin cans. The week before last we got a leaflet to tell us they'll also take plastic bottles and cardboard packaging. So now we have 2 black bin bags one for re-cycling and 1 for the rest. Even after just one week it was amazing how much we put out. Makes you think how much rubbish has been put in landfill sites over the years that could have been recycled.

I'd like to send all the Epson compatible Inkjet cartridges I've collected to somewhere they can be recycled and raise money for a charity so if anyone knows if this is possible could they let me know. I've googled but all I can find are ones that take original cartridges and Epson are not included for some reason.

21 April 2007

Colouring Paper

I spent this afternoon being messy. For the next part of C & G I had to colour paper with a colour scheme taken from the research pictures I'd done previously. The papers had to be coloured with complementary colours so I chose purple/yellow. It was like being a child again using sponges to colour the different papers with coloured inks. The 1st few pages where a bit too blue so I mixed a bit of violet in with the blue and it is more the colour I want. I've done a lot more papers than I really need, I got a bit carried away but they'll come in useful at some point.

The first 2 are in blue/purple and the third is yellow on cartridge paper and the paper I kept that was used as packing in parcels from Great Art.

and the next are in the blue/purple and yellow on cartridge paper and the packing paper,

this paper is a combination of blue and purple/blue

and these last few are on tissue paper

17 April 2007

City & Guilds Module 1

At last I've finished the 1st chapter of my City and Guilds Module 1. The design theme for this module is SHAPE and COLOUR and uses the STAR or CROSS shape as the area of interest. The obvious source of material for this is stars in the sky or the cross as a religious symbol so it is a bit hard to get away from looking for those sort of things so I made a page up with word relating to 'Stars and Crosses', I think they're called a 'spider' diagram.

Next I made a collection of images of STARS and CROSSES and glued them on to an A3 sheet of paper.

I seem to have used a lot more Star shapes than Crosses in this part. I'll do another sheet when I find some more pictures.

Next I had to make some simple line drawing from my research pictures. At first I wasn't too sure about this, I suppose being faced with a large piece of white paper didn't help but once I got started I lost track of time. I just maybe able to squeeze a few more into the spaces that are left if I find any more shapes I like.

Next it was on to a Colour Circle. I've done these before so thought I knew what I was doing but I misread the instructions so had to start again but it's turned out alright now.

15 April 2007

96 Remembered

This will be a rather sad post as I want to take a few minutes to remember the 96 Liverpool Fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough 18 years ago today. Is it really 18 years it only seems like yesterday. My brother is a red hot Liverpool fan and has been since he was about 7 or 8 so he was there that fateful day. I still can't think of it without tears in my eyes. I hadn't been listening to the match on Radio Merseyside I get too nervous if it is a big game so I was spared a few hours of the tragedy. I only found out what was happening when I put the TV on to get the pools results and of course BBC TV was full of it. At first I didn't realise where it was until I saw a Liverpool scarf lying on the pitch and then I went cold. Mum and I where worried sick not knowing if Ste was alright and we had to wait until 8pm that night until he managed to leave a message with a neighbour that he was OK and on his way back to Liverpool.

If you want to read a first hand account of that day go to Liverpool FC it is very moving so have a few hankies ready.

Everton FC are at home today and have just had a minutes silence in memory of the 96 fans and of the young Everton fan 'Kingsman Adam Smith' killed in Iraq recently. It was impecably kept you could have heard a pin drop.

12 April 2007


Mum had to go to the hospital today to see the consultant and get the results of her CT scan. He said it showed she'd had a mild stroke. At least now we know what was wrong with her. They did the memory test again today and she passed it. Last time they did it she had a very low score and was confused and fumbling with her words. I hope that now her blood pressure is under better control she won't suffer anything like this again but God forbid if she did I wouldn't take her to the Dr's like I did originally I would send for an ambulance and get her to hospital. With hindsight I now realise that's what I should have done when she was first taken ill, but at the time it wasn't obvious that she'd suffered a stroke. She just looked ill and was confused and her GP said she had an chest infection and was dehydrated so she didn't recognise it as a stroke. She doesn't have to go back to the hospital just to see her GP regularly and keep taking the aspirin he prescribed.

10 April 2007

New Header

Well I've finally managed to put my new header 0n to my blog. I felt it needed brightening up a bit and as quite a few others have given their blogs a spring clean I thought I'd do the same. What do you all think of it? The background photo is a piece of work some of you may recognise from an earlier post on 'bubbling' for my OCA Textile course. I got the tutorial on how to do a personal blog banner from Brenda at Serendiptiy and the Art of the Quilt if you scroll down the page a bit she gives a link to this webpage and I followed that and it worked.

09 April 2007

T.A.S.T. Bonnet Stitch

I've finally managed to buy some Quink Ink so I can have a go at the VCH technique that Purple Missus loves to do.

I first stitched Bonnet Stitch with some white cotton wool, if that doesn't sound like a contradiction, on to some white linen.

Then I had to use acrylic gesso as I still haven't bought any emulsion paint to use. I feel a trip to the local paint shop tomorrow is in order.

Then a layer of 'Quink' Ink, I wasn't sure if it was going to work on the gesso but it seems to have done alright.

I left the ink to dry overnight. I wasn't sure how to put the bleach on so this morning I dribbled it on from a small bottle I'd decanted the bleach in to. It's an old 50 ml Body shop bottle that has a small hole in the lid but it worked OK.

The Ink seems to have bleached out to a nice tan colour, whether that is because I've used gesso instead of emulsion I don't know.

I lightly rubbed some of the Rub n' Buff on that I bought the other day. It's OK but I must get some Treasure Gold to try the stuff I've used doesn't seem to show up very well.

07 April 2007

TAST Knotted Cretan Stitch

Well here is my Knotted Cretan Stitch at last.

I tried a few rows with thick wool to get the hang of the stitch, which I found was quite easy once I got the hang of it.

Next I painted it with some acrylic gesso,

then a layer of Burnt Umber acrylic paint,

then I lightly painted some Copper acrylic paint on but it doesn't really show up in this photo.

I bought a tube of Rub n' Buff on Thursday, I couldn't get 'Treasure Gold' so I tried using some on this piece. I nearly knocked myself out when I was using it though, I'll have to make sure I use it in a well ventilated room in future, it lets of strong fumes.

I don't think it really shows up on this though.

I had another go on a large piece of Hessian, I used some wool that I'm not to keen on the colour of because I was going to cover it so it wouldn't matter.

Next I covered it with acrylic gesso, you can see where I'm going with this piece can't you!!!
I forgot to take a photo before I started to cover it with Burnt Umber so I quickly took a close up of the part I hadn't painted on, but then I forgot to take a photo of it before I'd painted it with the Copper acrylic paint, I'd forget my head if it wasn't stuck on!!!

05 April 2007


I can get on with starting my C & G colour wheel at the weekend. The gouache paints I ordered came yesterday, unfortunately the other paints and rice paper was out of stock so I'll have to wait until after Easter for them to come. Luckily I've got a good supply of watercolours and acrylics I can use to start colouring paper with.

This Introductory set was good value, I only paid £14.95 instead of the usual £24.95. I got an extra tube of white because I find you always use more of that.

City and Guilds Notebook/Diary

The Induction Module recommends that I keep a notebook/general diary to record exhibitions, hours spent on a design, recipes for dyes etc in other words all the notes that aren't specific to each chapter. I bought a cheap notebook for 99p but that's exactly what it looks like, colourful but CHEAP!

So I decided to cover it with some of the leather look paper I've made before. I knew all that paper (I think it's called sugar paper) would come in useful that I'd kept from deliveries from Great Art, they put a load of it in to protect your order. I was going to put it out for the recycling van but I straightened it out and put it away.

I got the idea from an article in Stitch by Jane Wild. You start by crumpling a piece of paper up, opening it out then crumpling it again, you keep doing this until it is soft and creased.

Next I gave it a coat of 'Burnt Umber' acrylic paint.

Then I lightly painted 'Copper' acrylic paint over the top to give it an aged look.

Then all I had to do was cover the notebook with it. I decided to take the notebook apart to cover the front and back properly. I think it took me longer to take it apart and put it together than it did to make the paper but it was worth it.

Doves and Dreams again

I had to nip into to town for a few things so went to the 'Doves and Dreams' exhibition at the Walker Art gallery again. I chose the right day to go as well as I was able to see :

Doves and Dreams storytelling

Our role-player reveals more about the life of artist Frances MacNair and the Glasgow Four in this creative role play.

Suitable for 7yrs+ 1, 2 and 3pm,

It only lasted about 15 minutes but was very entertaining. The actress pretends to be 'Frances MacNair' and relates her life story. She wears a painting smock as if she has just been transported from her studio. She got a laugh when she said the Glasgow 4 where also referred to as the Fab 4. Today was the last time this role-play would be on so I was glad I caught it.

I learnt a lot about Frances MacNair from this exhibition, that as well as painting she also designed jewellery. This picture is a design for a pendant but there are no known examples of her work in existence. I wonder what they would be worth if any where ever found.

If you are interested in the work of the Glasgow 4 I recommend you go to the exhibition if you can but it closes on 22nd April so you've not got long. If you can't go to the Walker webpage and there are lots of pictures of the work on display.

02 April 2007

Doves and Dreams

Zoe has just posted about her trip to the Doves and Dreams exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery here in Liverpool at the weekend. I went when it first opened and agree with her if you get the chance to go do. The Walker website has some good pictures of some of the paintings and other things on show.

01 April 2007

My Mum says to give a BIG Thank You to Papoosue and Lynda for their kind Birthday wishes. She had to go to the Dr's for her monthly check up in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day quietly at home. She seems to do nothing but sleep, it must be all the tablets she is on. Still at her age she has earned the right to take things easy hasn't she.