30 December 2007

TAST finished

Hurray! I've managed to finish TAST weeks 51 and 52 with less than 12 hours of 2007 to go.

The top 3 are Week 51 Chained Bar which was very easy to do and the bottom 3 are week 52 Spanish Feather Stitch which I'm still not sure if I've got right.

I started with such good intentions at the beginning of the year. To be experimental with the various stitches but ended up just doing basic sample but at least I can say I stuck with the challenge and finished all 52 stitches. I'm looking forward to the new challenge which I think will be much easier to stick with as it is only monthly instead of weekly.


Pat said...

Congratulations Carol.

Doreen G said...

Well done Susan it is a great feeling knowing that we have stuck it out right to the very end.
I love the last 2 samples and the bottom one looks like mine so if it isn't correct well we have created a new stitch together.

fiona d said...

great stuff - I've really enjoyed seeing these through the year