02 December 2007

Goodies in the Post

I've been a bit lax posting about all the swaps I've received over the past few weeks so here goes in no particular date order:-

I got this from Ali in her birthday present draw. I've got it pinned to my coat.

The next two are bookmarks I got as part of the 'Feeling Blue' swap on Unlimited Textiles. The first is from Liz Counsell and the second from Sue Krekorian

I got this from Anna when her blog was 1 years old, I was one of the lucky first 10 to leave a comment. They are made from Silk carrier rods that Anna dyes so no two are the same and are just big enough to hold a pair of glasses or a mobile,

and this came in the post yesterday from Anne as part of a PIF (Pass it forward) swap. It's a shame you can't smell it as it contains allspice berries, cinnamon bark and whole cloves.


katelnorth said...

Gosh, those are some lovely things, Susan. So many people out there making great stuff!

sharon young said...

Hi Susan
What a lovely selection of swaps. How on earth do you find the time to enter all these things and do a C&G?
I struggle quite a bit to fit everything in.
Thank you for you congrats, I was pretty pleased to finish that module too, I'm just hoping there won't be too much follow up stuff!