13 December 2007

Doodles and Stamps

I wanted to make some stamps from my doodles so went surfing to find some suitable carving blocks. The first one's I found on this website Graphicus

Then I found this website and I got a Speedball Block printing starter kit for half price £8.50 which I got just in time it's sold out now and no longer available

and a load of Speedy stamp for £1.99 each, they should keep me going for quite a while.

I had a quick go at making a small stamp from a doodle, it's the top part of the speedy stamp where the printing is 4 x 6 inches.

I used the second stamp to print a background on a 12" square piece of white cotton for Doodling Design lesson 6.
then using white fabric paint, doodled on top

and finally used blues and greens to overpaint the white.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this next. I'll have to give it some thought.


Purple Missus said...

You always seem to know how to sniff out a bargain - I don't know how you do it :))
Are these stamps easier to carve into than lino?

Carol said...

These are fab, love what you have done with these, painting over the top. Lovely choice of colours.

Carol said...

Great bargains and the stamps are so much easier to carve than the lino I am currently using.

Dianne said...

Love your stamped fabrics - especially the first one, with the white paint stamped over the top.

Mary said...

Lovely things Hope you have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2008

Frances said...

I love this too, the doodles course looks interesting, I like linocuts but have never done stamps will have to think about it,
Susan D I am pleased I found your blog and seeing your work thanks for finding me, island threads,