27 November 2007

Doodling Designs Lesson 4 finished

I've finally finished the doodle for lesson 4. I added different stitches to each of the the fabric shapes and then some beads to the background to make it sparkle a bit.

I think if I did this lesson again I'd overlap some of the doodles but overall I'm pleased with the finished result.

The fabric on the back is some I bought a few weeks ago at Abakhans in Liverpool. It was reduced by 75% so couldn't resist buying a metre of it, I knew it would come in handy one day but I didn't realise how soon I'd be using it.


Julie said...

This looks lovely Susan and Ilove the backing fabric. We don't have access to Abakhans here. I think I shall have to have a weekend in Liverpool sometime!

verobirdie said...

Just lovely and the backing fabric is exactly what you needed.

Alis said...

Just wonderful Susan.
I love the shapes and the colours.

I used to work at Abakhans in Manchester. Great shops!