11 November 2007

Doodling Designs lesson 3

For this lesson we had to use a doodle or part of it and make a stamp. I've not got any of the Artist's carving block Susan recommended, it's a bit expensive to use just for experimenting with but I must get some to have in for proper work. Anyway I used a piece of garden kneeling pad to make my stamp.

I used lino cutting tools but it didn't cut cleanly, but it will do for a practice one. I've got some 2 x 6 cm rubbers that I think I'll have a go with. They'll only make small stamps but I should be able to get something out of them. Anyway this is what the finished stamp looks like when stamped on to a piece of white cotton with fabric paint.


Carol said...

Susan, Traci bautista recomends that you use a soldering iron or wood burning tool to score out the design on a garden kneeling pad. I have never tried it but in her book she shows examples, she even does double sided ones to save the pennies??? Hope this helps, worth a try, i found a dirt cheap soldering iron in hypa value.

Julie said...

This Joggles course looks interesting. Would you recommend it? Your stamps look fine. I like the fact that you have inverted them.

Carol said...

Your stamps look fine. I am enjoying watching your progress. I missed this sign up will watch for the next time this course is offered.