11 November 2007

Doodling Designs lesson 2 update

I've finished all the stitching on my collage at last. I had to re-do the french knots because I'd rubbed so much to get rid of the water soluble paper it had made a mess of them. The 2nd photo makes the colours look a bit washed out they are darker than that but I'm wondering whether to add some more paints to the background to darken it plus add other colours. What does everyone think????

Just had a thought I could leave this as it is and colour another piece of fabric to have a go on!!!


ANDREA said...

You are incredibly busy and it is so very nice to watch the development of your "doodle"work. I like this flower power piece!
Keep going, great work

Julie said...

As you day you could leave it and start afresh on another painted piece. It will change the whole piece if you start adding more colour in.