19 October 2007

TAST catch up

I've caught up with all the TAST stitches.

A in the photo is Week 38 Knotted buttonhole band and B is Week 39 Reversed Buttonhole Bar.

C is Week 40 Linked Double Chain, D is Week 41 Lace Border Stitch and finally E is Week 42 Twisted Satin Stitch.

I won't be doing much sewing over the weekend. I had my eyes tested last Tuesday, I've been having headaches and eye strain so I'm leaving off until I get my new glasses early next week......and a sign of age I've had to get an extra pair for when I do close work.


Doreen G said...

Great samples samples Susan.

Purple Missus said...

Well, if thats the only sign of age you have got to worry about so far then you are a very lucky lady *LOL*

That reversed buttonhole bar stitch looks very interesting. A nice textured stitch.

neki desu said...

i second purple missus :)
lovely lovely samples!

neki desu