05 November 2007

October Swaps

I can show you the Quiltie and bookmarks I made for Octobers swap on the them of 'Feeling Blue' because the ladies have received them.

I made them all on my new embellisher. The quiltie is made with wool, silk and hand dyed scrim on a piece of felt with some heart shaped crystals and a few beads sewn on.

The bookmarks are wool, silk and scrim on silk painted vilene.


Julie said...

Lovely Susan. I can see you're enjoying your embellisher. :)

Doreen G said...

Well done Susan you are getting very good with the embellisher.

sue said...

The surface of the bookmark is soft to touch- I wasnt expecting that at all- thanks- Guzzisue

Purple Missus said...

Glad to see your new embellisher isn't sitting in the box still! You're not doing too bad, I would never have shown my first few pieces :))