14 October 2007

More books

I treated myself to some more books from Amazon last month and they arrived on Friday.

This is the paperback version that's not long come out

and these 2 have only recently been published.

If only there where 48 hours in a day to try all the new techniques I'm learning from all these books and all the inspirational artists whose blogs I read.


jackie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I have to tell you that we had to 'blow' the contents out of the egg first - but I know two young chaps were in a rush and didn't bother. All your purchases look great fun.

Alis said...

I just got Hot Textiles - great!
The others are on my list.

arlee said...

The Hot Textiles book is FAB-----Kim put a lot of info in there and it's easy to follow and very inspiring!
Like your Doodles---i hated doing them in design classs in my Textile Arts program----i'd rather stitch :}