19 October 2007

I don't believe it

Here in Liverpool we've been without any post for an extra week because our postmen have been on unofficial strike but they went back last night. I thought great I'll get some post at last so with anticipation I go to the door when I hear something come through the letter box. What was it... the subscription to my art magazines or computer magazine, maybe the first of my subscription to Quilting Arts magazine, no the one and only letter delivered today was wait for it......my credit card bill. Isn't it always the way you look forward to something and what do you get a bill, they can always be relied on to find their way can't they.


kay susan said...

My first letter after the postal strike was addressed to "THE OCCUPIER"!

Purple Missus said...

And there was me thinking that this sort of thing only happened to me *LOL*
And another thing about the credit card, you got the bill from them but if you pay by post whats the betting that they say they didn't get your payment in time!!!

Julie said...

I'm still waiting for the current issue of Quilting Arts to turn up. Grrrrrrrr.