14 October 2007

Another new toy

I've taken the plunge and bought myself an embellisher.

I looked at the Janome Xpression in John Lewis but they where charging £249 so I decided to look on the internet and got what I think is a good deal from here. It cost £199 plus I got this worth £25 for free.

This DVD worth £19.95 for free.

and this Carry Case worth £18.95 for free.

So altogether I saved £113.90, I do like a bargain don't you. I couldn't believe the service either. I ordered it at 11am last Thursday and it arrive at 12 noon the next day.

I've had an experiment with it to make sure it is in working order but if I'm not around for a few days you'll know what I'm up to.


Pat said...

Congratulations, that sounds like a real bargain. Can't wait to see what you create. Have fun.

Doreen G said...

Congratulations Susan and welcome to the club--life won't be the same now.

Papoosue said...

What a bargain Susan. When I got mine I got the embellish & stitch book and that DVD which was good, but I'd say you got a fantastic deal! I hope you have fun with it - mine is in a box in the corner!

Julie said...

Well done Susan! You've taken the plunge. Thanks for the link to the Sewing Machine site. I've bookmarked it as I'm getting round to getting an embellisher too. You got a really good deal. Congratulations!