03 September 2007

Spot the TAST stitch

I've caught up with my samples for TAST. I've done 2 lots one in colour and one in cream thread. See if you can spot which stitch is which - Week 31 Cast on Stitch, Week 32 Crested Chain or Spanish Coral, Week 33 Scroll Stitch, Week 34 Portuguese Stem Stitch, Week 35 Shisha.

I did a class in 1995 on Indian Embroidery but I can't find the piece I did, I've looked everywhere for it. I bet I find it when I'm not looking for it.


Doreen G said...

Susan I love the cream sample especially the cast on stitch flowers-and the shishas are great and ----oh--the're all beautiful.

Alis said...

Great work Susan. I too love the cream one.