19 September 2007

I had to go for my yearly blood test today, I was in and out within 15 minutes so decided to go in to town to see if I could get myself a new winter coat. As the bus passed St George's Hall I noticed a sign for the Heritage Centre so decided to go in for a look. The Hall was reopened on April 23rd 2007 by The Prince of Wales, after a £23m restoration and has been carefully restored to its former glory. I can remember My Mum taking my brother and I to visit it during the early 1970's but only parts of it have been used over the past 20 years because it was left to deteriorate. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera but I'm going back soon to take photos because it is full of inspiration.

Try this website for a virtual tour if you want to get a taste of the place , and if you every get to come to Liverpool you have to see it for yourselves.

On the 3rd floor there is a photo exhibition called 'Look up Liverpool' . We spend so much time rushing from place to place we don't think to look up so we miss some of the amazing architecture that is above our heads.


Purple Missus said...

Very impressive building. Its not just about looking up either is it? Went to our nearest big town recently happened to look up this little side road and there was this really amazing Tudor building that housed a clock museum. Have passed this little road loads of times before - its right near the art supplies shop strangely enough - but have never seen this building! Makes me wonder what else I've missed in this town!

Tonniece said...

I just love old buildings. I took the virtual tour, and it looks wonderful.
Wish we had great places like that (close to me) in Ontario to visit.