21 September 2007

The Expanded Square

I bought the June/July 2007 issue of Quilting Arts magazine a while ago and was intrigued by the article on The Expanded Square by Jane Dunnewold so I had to have a go. I've only tried them with black paper in my sketchbook so far but they are addictive. I can't wait to try adapting them to different textile techniques. I'm in the middle of using one square for this months Unlimited Textiles Quiltie swap so I haven't posted a photo of it yet.

To be going on with here are some of the paper square I've done so far. I started with 5" squares but I suppose you can use any size you want it depends on what you want to do with the designs.

The corners of this one didn't work very well they don't connect with the rest of the square like the other pieces do.

The following squares are cut with fancy scissors:


Vicki W said...

These are soooo cool!I've got to pull out that issue and give it a try.

Tonniece said...

These are so great, you could use these with anything. I really love them.

Have a great weekend

verobirdie said...

You made it well, and i'm sure several of us will give it a try too!
Thanks for sharing

Alis said...

Oh great work. I must have another look at that article now.

Julie said...

Wow! These are really effective arn't they? I'll have to have a go myself. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of the article.

English Rose said...

these look really great, will have to see if I can have a go, they would be so useful for so many things.

ANDREA said...

These are a great inspiration, I specially love the last, not symmetric one. Thanks for sharing your experiments,

Anonymous said...

These look fantastic... have you done any in fabric? Lx