02 August 2007

Touchy feely

Lynda has been busy doing some brilliant canvases lately. A few weeks ago I started something similar but I can only do a bit at a time as it is murder on your fingers. Anyway I finished at last and as I was doing the stitching on it I could feel the textures building up and thought that this piece would be ideal for someone who was blind or losing their sight, what do you think.

This next photo I tried taking at an angle so you could see the textures on it.

and here are a few close ups


Papoosue said...

I really like this Susan. The textures are really good and I think you are right that it would be good for someone visually impaired.

Is it quite hard to stitch through the canvas?

Doreen G said...

Fantastic Susan and I love the colours.

Purple Missus said...

Love the colours Susan. A little tip to make it easier - I pushed a thicker needle through the canvas to make the holes before I actually stitched through it. And its much, much easier to stitch through when you paint or PVA the scrim in place rather than use gesso. You can always build the texture up after stitching if necessary. Don't give up though, you've done really well - have another go with an easier option.

Alis said...

Great work Susan. I love the textures and colours.

Great tips from Linda too.

Hugs, Alis

Carol said...

My hubby is visually impaired and he would love it, ironically especially as it is in a strong olour and therefore what sight he has he would be able to see it too.Well done o such a lovely piece. If your thinking of testing it out your local special school might be a good place, or a comp with a special teaching facility?