06 August 2007

Temple Dancer 2nd Lesson

I've managed to do a bit more on my Temple Dancer doll. She now has legs and her body is stuffed. As she seems pretty well endowed in the bust area I've decided with a nod to 'Allo Allo' to nickname her the 'Temple Dancer with the Big Boobies'.

I couldn't find any buttons for the nipple so had to use a couple of beads from a fancy candle my Mum had been given but I think they work Ok.

Poor thing has got a bit of cellulite on the legs though hopefully when I put the bead decoration on it will cover a lot of it up.

I thought she had big feet when I first stuffed the legs but once the toes are sculpted they don't seem as big.

Now I've just got to find a way of turning her fingers inside out without the use of hermostat (forceps). Have you ever tried to sew fingers 1" by 1/4" let alone get them turned inside out so you can stuff them!!!!!!


Carol said...

I love how your doll is taking shape. Those feet are so well sculptured, well done. I am looking forward to watching it progress.

Tonniece said...

Hi Susan

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I have just browsed you blog and I think it's great.
Your temple doll "with the Big Boobies" is too cute, I love it.

have a great day

Papoosue said...

This is looking great Susan, love the little feet!

Alis said...

Big Boobies has the nicest feet I have ever seen ;0)

She is looking great.