26 August 2007

Goodies in the post

I've received some goodies in the post over the past week or 2.

Firstly I got this from Liz as part of the Getting to know you swap on the Unlimited Textiles group. The quilt I sent her had a heart on it as well, spooky or what!

I got this from Claire in the Quiltie swap. I love the colours in it.

Julie was offering a piece of fabric to anyone who left a comment so she sent me this gorgeous velvet material.

plus a few other goodies.

Isn't it a small world it turns out we knew each other from the Open College of the Arts forum.

Finally I got this from Carol. I was only admiring it on her blog the other day and low and behold it arrived yesterday. It's a replacement for the one she sent to celebrate her blogs 1st birthday but once again something sent to me has disappeared into the postal ether never to be seen again. I'm beginning to think I should get a large neon sign to hang over my house because I've lost track of the things that have gone missing, most recently my subscription issue of Computeractive magazine.


Purple Missus said...

You did very well in the post. I love Carols ladies on her cards, they are very snazzy. Do you know I always read Julies blog, she comes from Essex and her mum still lives here, but I must have missed that bit about the fabric giveaway :(

Alis said...

Great post!
Spooky heart for sure.

Tonniece said...

These pieces are wonderful. Lucky you. I really love Carols ladies too.