18 July 2007

Temple Dancer online class

I got my 1st lesson yesterday in the online class I'm taking with Joggles. This is going to be so much fun.

I managed to buy the correct cotton fabric last week but only in white so I tried dyeing it with tea bags this afternoon and this is what I got.

The original white is on the left and the tea dyed on the right quite a pleasing flesh tone don't you think.

The only thing I couldn't get in town was armature wire, but I googled and came up with a place in London that sells it, they are a Theatrical Chandlers I ordered it late on Thursday of last week and it came first thing Monday morning, I would have got it on Saturday but for the post strike.

I wasn't sure if I'd got the right thing but when I compared it with the wire on the Joggles website, phew! it was right.


Papoosue said...

This is sounding so exciting Susan, I can't wait to see what happens next! Hello to your mum by the way.x

Carol said...

I like the tea dyeing. Have you tried tea dyeing using flavoured tea? You get some wonderful results - and unexpected. Your class sounds fascinating. Have fun.

Alis said...

Oooh that looked like such a great class.
I love your dyed fabric.
Have fun, I will enjoy seeing your dancer come to life.

Helen Cowans said...

Hi I read your blog regularly and I'm also doing the Temple Dancer class. She's the only art doll I've ever really wanted to make! I'm hoping to make a start on Friday (tomorrow).
Have fun!