30 July 2007

TAST update

I've caught up with my TAST samples at last, though I must admit I've left out satin stitch and long and short stitch for now. I couldn't get any enthusiasm for them but I'll come back to them some time.

This first photo incorporates (blimey that's a big word for this time of night) Half Chevron - Bullion - Sheaf - Arrowhead and French Knots.

and this is last weeks Buttonhole Wheel stitch.

I'm all up to date with my stitch samples now, I know there's no hurry to do them but I'll have to try to not get too far behind with them in future.


Doreen G said...

Well done Susan and guess what you are ahead of me now because I haven't done last weeks buttonhole wheels--and I still haven't done long and short stitch-I think I will wait until the end and then I won't be able to put it off any longer will I.

Alis said...

Beautiful stitches and samplers Susan.