15 July 2007

Rust Dyeing

I've finally got around to having a go at Rust dyeing. I did try a few weeks ago with a few screws we'd taken out of the numbers on the front door because they'd gone rusty but it didn't really work. So I tried with the decorators steel wool that I got from Wilkinsons when I went to town last week and it worked brilliantly.

I used some patchwork pieces I bought from Abakhans for 50p a pack. They where just big enough, about 12" square to layer with the steel wool and put in nappy bags overnight to work.

These first two are on a pale cream poly cotton

and these two are on white 100% cotton

I'm not sure what I'll use the fabric for but it will no doubt come in useful one day.

I've got a few more pieces but by the time I'd recharged the batteries for my camera it was a bit too dark to photograph them so I'll do them first thing tomorrow and put them in my next post.

PS I've had to edit this post. I hadn't noticed until Doreen said the poly cotton looked darker and I checked them and realised I put the photos the wrong way round.


Doreen G said...

Great Susan--the poly cotton ones seem to have come out darker or is that just in the photo.

Vicki W said...

Susan, these are so cool! I really must try this sometime.

Alis said...

These are great Susan. It is addictive you know. I just love the fact that each time you do it it is different.

Oh, by the way,I used to work in the Manchester Abakhans - I loved it ;0)

Homeleightigger said...

Just with some steel wool and just leaving overnight - what super patterns you achieved. I'm sure you'll find a use for them soon - just don't put them out of sight! Val

Judy Rys said...

These came out great. I gave it a try and didn't like the results. I also used steel wool, but my patterns did not come out so distinct. It looked dirty! Did you use vinegar?