15 July 2007

Rag rugging

While I was making the spine for my journal I showed it to my Mum who said she can remember doing this when she was a child in the 1930's. Back then no-one had fitted carpets like nowadays, if you wanted any floor covering you made it yourself. She said they used old hessian bags from the greengrocers and the rags where pieces of material from any old thing they could find and they didn't have anything as posh as a latch hook to do it with they used a pipe cleaner bent in half to pull it through holes they pushed in the hessian. Each year before Christmas her Mum would make a new rug to put in front of the fire in the front room and the old one would get put in front of the fire in the kitchen. When you think of it recycling is nothing new, people of my Mum's and Nan's generation who didn't have a lot of money did it as part of everyday life.


Alis said...

Practical and beautiful too.
My Grannie had a couple of these, I loved them.

Carol said...

My husband said his Grandmother used to do rag rugging as well. What goes around comes around - as they say. I love the colours you have used and can't wait to see the finished book. Let me tell you it's addictive.

Glowmay said...

We made rag rugs in year six when we were learning about World War 2. I sewed mine into a pencil case a few days ago. Did you know the Vikings rag rugged as well?

Your journal looks very nice, by the way. The insides are very unique. All my notebooks are Tesco Value.