25 July 2007

No Printer

I went to print out the 2nd lesson for my Temple Dancer doll class and my printer is broken, boo hoo!!! I can't complain though I got it free when I bought my computer 5 years ago in August. What I want to ask if you have any recommendations on a replacement. Mine is an Epson C60 stylus inkjet (not made now). I'd like one that is suitable for ordinary printing but also suitable for printing for textiles you know the sort of thing, T-shirt transfer, printing on fabric etc. So any advice gratefully received.


magpie said...

I use an ordinary HP inkjet and find it works well.

Alis said...

I have an HP inkjet too. Deskjet 5150. I like it, it is reliable (touch wood) and the cartridges aren't too expensive as they last quite a while.
Good luck.