08 July 2007

New computer

I'm thinking of buying myself a laptop. I've had this computer 5 years in August. My Uncle Walter had died earlier that year and left a small pension to be divided between his remaining sisters and my brother and me as the children of his brother and it was enough to buy a computer. At the time it was the latest model but technology has progressed so much over the years and it is getting a bit slow now so I thought I'd look into getting a laptop. I have an idea which one I'd like but if anyone out there can give me any advice I'd be grateful.


Papoosue said...

Hi Susan. Firstly, I am so glad you finally have hot water! Secondly, I can't offer any advice/info with regard to laptops as I'm in the same boat myself. I found out I could get a student loan and get one for myself! I hope you get some good recommendations!

marion said...

Have you used a laptop before? I got one and HATE using it, because of the size of the keyboard etc...I've never really got used to it. My advice would be to be sure that that is what you want, before you buy.

Fiona said...

I love my Mac Powerbook - the iBook is nice too, and cheaper. But you may not want a Mac... I don't find the keyboard a problem, but I can't use a trackpad (or a mouse) for long as my hands seize up, so I attach a tablet and use a stylus most of the time, and only use the track pad if I'm not at my desk.