02 July 2007


Carol has given us a challenge:
My challenge for you is to find something in your studio that you haven't used and go and experiment with it.
Back in March I bought a Needle Punching Kit but so far I've not tried it, so I decided that would be my challenge.

This is my first try with some of the fibres that came with the kit

and this is done with some silk tops.

I quite enjoyed using the hand held needle punch but I think if I was going to do a lot of this technique I'd invest in an embellisher. So I will have to start saving!!!!


Purple Missus said...

Not bad for a first go. I too have got some needles but have never used them - bought an embellisher instead! I'm all for the easy way out. Have also decided to take up Carols challenge and as I have got loads of unused stuff I thought I would do it on a regular basis. Note I'm not too specific about how regular! :)

Carol said...

Well done for taking up the challenge. I love your needlefelting. Now what are you going to make from it? A fabric postcard would be a great start.

Papoosue said...

Ooh, I love the textures you've created there Susan x