18 July 2007

More Rust Dyeing

I've been trying to put this post on my blog for the past 2 days but each time I've tried we've had a thunder storm and I've had to shut the computer down.

I've just copied this from a website:
You should always turn your computer off during thunder storms. Computers can be sensitive to power line interference, and thunder storms can cause power voltage spikes, brown-outs and melt-downs!

Anyway back to Rust dyeing. These first 2 are on 100% cotton

these 2 are on cream poly cotton

I decided to try some pink poly cotton with this sample

and these last 2 are some multi coloured I tried but I don't think the steel wool was in contact with the fabric enough, I'll have to try again.

1 comment:

Dianne said...

These look great!! The rust gives the coloured fabric a bit of character. My rust dyeing was terrible - I gave up!!