08 July 2007

Hot water saga

I have my fingers crossed plus anything else I can cross that the saga of the hot water is over. The trouble we had getting the landlord to fix the water heater. We had no hot water from Thursday 28th June until Friday 6th July, we had to boil a kettle for each time we needed any. You'll remember from another post we had the electrician then the plumber come to look at the heater, well I phoned on the Friday and they said oh, the plumber will come on Monday morning to fit a new element. Well did he turn up, did he **** (insert own swear word) so I phoned the landlord only they couldn't do anything their computer system was down and could only deal with emergency repairs. You would think they would have some back up system in place wouldn't you, anyway I phoned again on Tuesday, computers still out of action so I finally got through on Wednesday. The girl I talked to said she'd phone the plumbing company would I hold on, I got so fed up of waiting I hung up, phoned later and you never get the same person twice in a row so I had to go through the whole story again. This time I said would they ring back when they found out what was going on, so half an hour later they rang back to say the plumber would be here between 9am and 1 pm on the Friday. Hurray he turned up at 10.30am and put in a new element. He had to drain the tank of water and wanted to put the hose pipe out of the back door but the door was stuck with the damp from all the rain we've been having, so as I was trying to pull it open the handle came off in my hand. So now we can't get out of the back door until that is fixed and the poor plumber had to empty the tank in to buckets and it took ages but eventually he fixed it and now WE HAVE HOT WATER!!!!! and after all the messing this is what he had to install.

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Doreen G said...

this is like a story from Faulty Towers.
We had a similar problem with our gas heater-Had a new one installed in February and had to have the service men out 6 times to chech it out and then they finally replaced it on the coldest day of winter and it took 3 hours to install the new one grrrrr.