27 June 2007

We have hot water...

The saga of the hot water continues....the electrician turned up at 10.30 am yesterday and put a new electric lead from the power point to the hot water tank and told us to see if it heated the water up. Well we left it on for a few hours as we normally do and it seemed to have heated the tank of water that was about 1pm by 5pm the water was stone cold and all we'd done was wash 2 plates and 2 mugs after lunch. So first thing this morning I phoned again and give the Liverpool Housing Trust call centre their due the woman was very helpful she phoned the electrician who told her it probably needed a new filament so she got the plumber to come out this afternoon. He got here just before 3pm had a look and after we explained once again what was wrong he said that it probably didn't need a new filament and that we should leave the heater on until about 9pm to heat the tank of water properly then tomorrow put it on for the 2 hours like we usually do but if it does go cold as I suspect it will, he will tell the LHT that we need a new hot water tank.....to be continued.


Mary said...

Have just found you via random blethers. Also from Liverpool and love your craft. Did you know Aberkhan are having a big sale this weekend. Im definately going to visit

Papoosue said...

Blimey Susan, what a palaver! Don't you just wish they would come, fix it, and that would be that! Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your comments on me blog by the way!