28 June 2007

Washer Challenge

Back in May Anna set a challenge.

Does anyone fancy a small challenge? Whilst training our office junior the other day I came across some paper fasterners with washers, like those shown below. The only problem is we have a largish box of just the washers. Rather than throw them out - being a recycling bunny I decided to bring them home. How can they be used in some form of textile art? If anyone wants to have a go at the small challenge... email me your snail mail address before June and I'll sent you 20 -30 of them. Then you can do something exciting with them and email me photos by the beginning of July and I will post them here on my -blog.

She kindly sent me some and here's what I came up with. It took me ages to think of something but my Mum had said how about flowers but I wasn't sure how to do that but this afternoon it suddenly popped in to my head what to do with them. Back in 1994 I did a short class on 'Indian embroidery' and learnt how to use 'shisha glass' so that's how I used the washers. I attached them to a piece of fabric from my 1st attempt at dyeing with buttonhole stitch, then put some French knots in the centre and little clusters here and there to represent buds, stem stitch for the stems and cretan stitch for grasses. The piece was just big enough to make in to a postcard.


Vicki W said...

Susan - very nice! Good use of the washers and a nice composition.

Doreen G said...

Well done Susan--looks good

Annica said...

Very pretty!

Papoosue said...

Lovely Susan! (great colours too).