16 June 2007

Textile Assessment

I forgot to post about this yesterday but never mind. I finally packed up the 6 projects I had to send for my OCA assessment along with 2 sketchbooks, a theme book on flowers and a log book I had to keep throughout the course. I managed to make a box out of some packaging to put it all in but blimey it weighed a ton, or felt like it. I ended up taking the bag off our shopping trolley and tying the box to that so I could pull it up to the post office, I'd have either given myself a heart attack or a hernia if I'd tried carrying it and I very nearly gave Carol in the PO one. She had to lift it up on to the counter to weigh it on the scales, it came in at 7.6 kg. It doesn't have to be at OCA headquarters in Barnsley until 30th June by the latest so I sent it the cheapest way and that still cost £10.76. I'll find out 6-8 weeks after the 30th how well I've done, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


Doreen G said...

The effort of dragging it to the post office should be worth some points surely.
Good luck with the outcome.

Purple Missus said...

Fingers crossed for you Susan. Are there different levels of marks for this course, or is it like C&G and you just get a certificate.

Fiona said...

Good luck Susan - and congrats for getting it all together and sent off.