08 June 2007

Sketchbook pages

We've been having a discussion on the C & G Yahoo group I belong to about sketchbooks. When I first started my Open College of the Arts Textiles course I'd only ever done sketching for drawing or painting so wasn't too sure about keeping a sketchbook for textiles. I started of tentatively but got more confident as I went along. A number of group members have been generous and put photos of their sketchbooks on their blogs to share with us and when I compare mine with theirs I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. You have to throw any preconceived ideas out of the window and just go for it. In fact anything goes in to them and they don't have to be neat and tidy either which I've found hard to get away from. I have a very orderly mind so I like things neat and tidy though you wouldn't think that if you saw the state of my studio.

I had a go at putting some photos of my OCA sketchbook in to a slideshow and here is the result. You can click on a photo and it will take you to a larger version on the 'photobucket' website.

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Fiona said...

thanks for sharing this, Susan, I'm feeling a bit unsure about my OCA sketchbook and yours is very inspiring, also what you said about just going for it. Mine's a bit random as yet, I think! Just got back from a week away and I tried to use it whenever I could, so at least I've got started :-)