09 June 2007

Online Class

I've just been looking up classes on Joggle.com and I found this one I'd really be interested in doing, looks as if it would be fun. Has anyone out there ever done an online class before who could give me some guidance?


Vicki W said...

I have taken classes at joggles and at Quilt University. I am in two classes at joggles right now. I really enjoy them because I can take the class whenever I want. The forum format at joggles is very nice - much better than QU. But the real success of the class is the instructor. Go ahead - give it a try!

Doreen G said...

Susan I haven't taken a class from Joggles but I know people who have and they have found them to be very good.The instructions were excellent and I would think that you couldn't lose because you are not under any pressure to complete the article within a given time-frame and you will have the notes for future reference.
Go for it girl.

Alis said...

All the classes I have done at Joggles have been fantastic. Great value for money and great tutors.
The beauty as Vicki said, is being able to work at your own pace and the fact that the tutor is there for you all the time (time zones allowing). I have made some good friends at these classes too.

I'm doing two at the moment but have done 4 others.
Go for it!