22 June 2007

Ongoing story of Nappy Liners

I didn't get much done yesterday. The 3 houses on the block next to us have been bought by a developer and have been in the process of being done up over the past 4 months. No one has been working on them for quite a few weeks but they turned up on Monday and started working again so I got woken up early yesterday when they started hammering.

As I was up early I decided to go in to the City centre and do some shopping. I needed more Bondaweb for my C & G project. But isn't it always the way the shop I usually get it in had sold the last metre the day before. Luckily I managed to get some in John Lewis but not as cheaply as in Abakhan but never mind I got a few other bargains to make up for it.

Put the flags out I finally managed to buy some nappy liners. Boots still do sell them, but it was in the larger store in Clayton Square.

This is the pack to look out for if you want any and you get 100 for £1.65.

I had a quick experiment with one last night. I used some Procion dyes I'd mixed for painting in a sketchbook but of course the dye won't be permanent on the nappy liner but it was only to try it out.

and this is what it looks like after I ironed it on to a piece of poly cotton

Talking of irons, Mum treated me to a new steam iron on Tuesday. I've always used a dry iron because I'm used to pressing clothes with a damp cloth, that's the way my Mum taught me but I thought a steam iron would be useful in my textile work so Argos had this one

for half price in their summer sale. So I'm now the owner of an iron that dry irons, has a spray of water, variable steam,vertical steam, no drip system and anti-scale system. The only thing it doesn't do is iron the clothes for you, you have to do that yourself.


i spent the rest of the day at St Paul's eye unit with my Mum. She had an appointment at 2.30pm for a check up with the consultant about the cataract she has on her left eye. She finally got to see him at 4.15pm. He's booked her in for the operation on 3rd September at 8am. Luckily they where able to fit her in for her pre-op so that saved us having to go back again another day. If it is anything like last time with the op on her right eye she will be home by lunchtime.


Bird on a wire said...

Have you played with Lutrador? Takes transfer dyeing really weil

it said...

Hi Susan, just to let you know that ABAKHAN have launched a new online shop at www.abakhan-onlineshop.co.uk


- WIll