03 June 2007


I treated myself to some threads from Stef Francis I ordered them at 5pm on Wednesday evening via her website and they came at lunchtime on Friday, now that is what I call service with a capital S.

I bought an assortment of cotton and silk threads to try dyeing them in my own colourways

and some ready dyed silk threads. They should have been £2.30 a skein but they don't fit in with their colour range now so I got 10 skeins for £12. Aren't they gorgeous colours.

I also bought a metre of thin cotton fabric and some 10g pots of Procion dyes. I'm waiting for larger pots of Procion dyes in the 6 basic colours but thought I'd get some small pots of colours I probably won't use a lot of like black and brown.


Doreen G said...

yummy colours Susan-and what a bargain

Papoosue said...

These are all totally gorgeous aren't they - can't wait to see how you get on with dyeing the plain ones!