15 June 2007


As you can see from my last post I've finally bought some Procion dyes. I spent Wednesday afternoon having a go with them. I tried Ruth Issett's way of putting small pieces of fabric in bags with the dye and I'm rather chuffed with the way they've turned out. Not bad for a 1st go anyway. A few of the photos are a bit out of focus but you get the general idea.

I think I may have put a bit too much dye in for the amount of fixer and fabric I was using but I suppose it is a case of trial and error until I get the hang of it.


Golden Yellow


Medium Blue

I had some Turquoise and Magenta left so mixed it for this shade of purple. I hadn't realised the middle fabric was a mix of poly cotton but I quite like the marbled effect I got. I bet I couldn't get the same again if I try though.

I also got this nice shade of green from Golden Yellow and Medium Blue.

I'm not too sure about using this method again. I've looked at Colour on Cloth again and I think I'll have a go at 'Direct Dyeing' where you paint the dyes on to the fabric. I should imagine it will give me greater control of the effect on fabrics that I want for my textile needs.


Vicki W said...

These are really nice fabrics! Your use of the work "chuffed" cracked me up. I worked on our London office a lot so I had heard the word and understood it. Two weeks ago we had our corporate-wide managers meeting and one of the UK guys uses the work "chuffed". Some daft people took it the wrong way and he ended up sending an email out to the group the next week to explain that it was a positive expression!

Doreen G said...

I love it-love it-love it.
Beautiful colours-I like the bag dying as I love the surprises when the fabric comes out.

Purple Missus said...

You're right Susan, not bad for a first go. You've got some lovely colours there - and now you're hooked on dyeing aren't you?
So, what are you going to do with all those fabrics now?

Joanna van said...

These are great colors and a great first attempt. It's quite rewarding creating your own colors...isn't it?