16 June 2007

Bouquet to John Lewis Liverpool

When I bought my new sewing machine last year I also bought a darning foot for it to use when I did FME. Well just over a week ago I was busy sewing away when my machine suddenly started making a different noise from usual. Of course I panicked and thought 'oh my god what's gone wrong now, I've only had this for a year it can't be broken yet can it' . Luckily it wasn't the machine it was the darning foot. A small piece of plastic had broken off.

I emailed Janome because it should have lasted longer than 1 year, shouldn't it. They emailed back that I had been sold the wrong foot for my machine it should have been category B not category A which was the one I'd been sold. I was going to order another one from their website when my Mum said why didn't I email John Lewis about it, so I did it wouldn't do any harm. Later the same day I got a reply from them - customer services had spoken to the Janome demonstrator and Yes I had been sold the wrong part and apologised for any inconvenience and would replace it FREE of charge for the correct one. Now that is service, so a Bouquet to Sharon Dreves of the Customer Services Department of John Lewis Liverpool. I couldn't get down in to town to pick it up from the store so she sent it out and it came first thing this morning.

This is the one I should have been sold originally. It only taken 7 days to come by 2nd class post.

I'll have a go with it after lunch.


Doreen G said...

Now that's what I call good old fashioned service.

ena said...