02 May 2007

TAST Running Stitch

Even though this is a very easy stitch to do I just could not come up any ideas for using it. That is until I was in bed and drifting of to sleep and it popped into my head - Sashiko - I'd been looking through my issues of Stitch earlier in the day and there have been a couple of articles on it and it must have stuck in my subconscious. I don't know about anyone else but I get ideas in the most unlikely place, just before going to sleep, standing at the bathroom sink having a wash and how shall I put this delicately, sitting on the loo doing what comes naturally.

So next day I had another quick look at the articles and decided to do my own version.

I used a shape from the Line Drawings I did for the 1st part of my C &G. I drew it on to a piece of paper to roughly place where the shapes would go.

I didn't have any Indigo coloured fabric so I had to use the nearest colour I had and this is what I came up with.

I ran out of white thread so couldn't take it any further but once I get more thread I'll finish it off.


Doreen G said...

Your sashiko looks great--I had thought of doing this but then decided against it...wish I had done it now.

annetteb said...

I like your sashiko work. I thought of that as well as kantha work and blackwork. Think I spent more time researching than sewing. Well done. Annette

Margaret S said...

How effective and yet so simple

neki desu said...

your sahiko is really great, love it!

neki desu