10 May 2007

Nappy Liners problem solved

Thanks to everyone for the comments on nappy liners. Aren't Bloggers kind and thoughtful Doreen kindly offered to send me some all the way from Australia and along with Carol
emailed to tell me about garden fleece and Dawn Ulgen sent me an email with the website of 2 Baby equipment suppliers Green Baby and The Nappy Lady.

Great minds think alike though, I bought a piece of garden fleece from Poundland a few weeks ago because I wondered if I could use it in my textile work some way. So I got it out yesterday and had an experiment with it and it does work, hurray. I'm in the middle of making something with it but will post when I've finished. I measured the fleece just to see how much I got for my £1, and it is 42 inches by 6 feet so it will last me ages, but next time I'm in town I'm going to get a few more to have in just in case they stop selling it.


Papoosue said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the garden fleece - you've got me wondering! I've tagged you I'm afraid (hope you don't mind) - post seven weird things about yourself, then tag four other people - or don't. No pressure either way.

Carol said...

Oh glad you found it, and for such a great price! I wil have to keep my eye open!