21 May 2007

Mum's a Winner

My Mum was made up when she got the post at lunchtime. Just look what she won and she didn't even know she'd been in a draw.

I've got to own up, it was me. It was our favourite serial on BBC earlier this year and I was trying to find out if they planned to make any more and came across a website for the over 60's that where giving away the DVD in a draw so I put Mum's name down and she won. She's so pleased I don't think she's ever really won much in draws or competitions only the odd £10 on the Lottery.


Alis said...

Oh well done.
I enjoyed that series too. Well is it coming back?

Dianne said...

We haven't had this yet in Australia!! I hope we do, it looks just like something I would love to watch!!