02 May 2007


Well who'd of thought it, it's a repeat of the 2005 final Liverpool v AC Milan. I was sure it would be an all British final, but that's football for you. On the lunctime local news they where saying the Police in Athens are due to go on strike over pay on the day of the final. I wonder what will happen if they do with Eufa move the game somewhere else on the grounds of safety, because it surely couldn't be played without a police presence.


jackie said...

Thanks for your comment on my first video. You did well to get the writing on your Blog header; I didn't manage it.
Good luck with the C & G course.

Angel Jem said...

My birthday is on May 23rd. Do you want to guess what I'm doing for my birthday? And would you like to Hazard a guess how pleased I am about it?
(Actually, I'm watching the final on TV & I'm quite chuffed about it; much better than a Chelsea vs Man U match any day!