16 May 2007

Garden fleece experiments

I had a go with the garden fleece I mentioned that I got for £1 in Poundland. I don't know if it the same as nappy liners, not having used them but Doreen said it is the same material but it does work.

First I used some oil pastels over some textured surfaces.

Then I painted a few pieces with Silk paints to see what they turned out like and ironed them on to white cotton fabric.

This piece I used to mop up the paint that was left on the piece of plastic I'd used to cover my desk.I can't work out where the pink/lilac came from on this because I hadn't used any red. I've just realised where it came from I moved this piece of fleece on to a piece of bubble wrap and there must have been some paint left on it from a prevous project and the fleece has taken it up, a lucky accident or what because it works well. I probably couldn't get the same effect again if I tried.


katelnorth said...

That's a very interesting result, Susan. Do you have plans for the fleece now, or are you just playing?

Doreen G said...

The fleece looks great Susan--
so glad it worked for you.