10 May 2007


I've been busy putting my pine bookcase together so not been doing much surfing or posting, I'll have to catch up. I got it from Argos for £39.99 and it came with a entertainment unit and CD tower. I spent yesterday varnishing it. I got some water based varnish from the local DIY shop. It's great it doesn't have a smell and you can wash the brush out in hot soapy water. I've always thought the space under my desk was wasted so the unit will go under there for more storage and the CD tower will go in the living room for putting DVD/videos in. I've found a space for the bookcase in my studio as well, my brother left an old stereo unit behind so I'd turned it on it side and been using it for storage but I can clear that out and put it in my Mum's bedroom and put the bookcase in it's place. I wonder how long it will be before that is full though.

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Angel Jem said...

If you're like me, no time at all!