01 May 2007


Well they've done it again, Liverpool FC are in the final of the Champions League and are off to Athens in 3 weeks . But I do wish they wouldn't make my nerves so bad in doing it. The game went to extra time and then to penalties yet again. I can't bear to watch so keep listening every so often on Radio Merseyside then went to watch the last few minutes of the penalty shootout.

My brother is on his way back to York as I post after going to the match. He has a season ticket in the KOP and he said it was amazing the place was shaking with the fans jumping up and down. we have to wait until tomorrow night to see who they play AC Milan or Man Utd.

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Purple Missus said...

Just come down off your cloud for a minute though and spare a thought for the likes of me. One of my colleagues at work is the biggest Chelsea fan ever. His home and his office is like a shrine to Chelsea. He lives and breathes his team - so do his 2 sons. When he first came to work he fell in love with me when I told him my middle daughters name is Chelsey - but then fell out again when I said it was spelt with a y and absolutely nothing to do with football!!
He hasn't spoken to anyone today yet (bliss) :)