01 May 2007

The Artists Muse

I've just got confirmation that I've been accepted for the Yahoo group 'The Artists Muse'. I only decided last night to see if I could join and there where a load of emails waiting this morning. I'll be a bit behind because I've only just ordered the book from Amazon. Phew, I did it just in time as well it was the last copy they had. It will take a couple of weeks to come because I ordered a few other books to get free postage but in the meantime I've looked on Amazons US site and got the gist of the 1st chapter and now got to put my thinking cap on to do a 'Mandala'.


Alis said...

It's a great group, you will enjoy it I'm sure.
See you there.
Hugs, Alis

Doreen G said...

I'm in this group as well Susan and I have finished my mandala -but you already know this because you left me a comment.
Welcome to the group.