09 April 2007

T.A.S.T. Bonnet Stitch

I've finally managed to buy some Quink Ink so I can have a go at the VCH technique that Purple Missus loves to do.

I first stitched Bonnet Stitch with some white cotton wool, if that doesn't sound like a contradiction, on to some white linen.

Then I had to use acrylic gesso as I still haven't bought any emulsion paint to use. I feel a trip to the local paint shop tomorrow is in order.

Then a layer of 'Quink' Ink, I wasn't sure if it was going to work on the gesso but it seems to have done alright.

I left the ink to dry overnight. I wasn't sure how to put the bleach on so this morning I dribbled it on from a small bottle I'd decanted the bleach in to. It's an old 50 ml Body shop bottle that has a small hole in the lid but it worked OK.

The Ink seems to have bleached out to a nice tan colour, whether that is because I've used gesso instead of emulsion I don't know.

I lightly rubbed some of the Rub n' Buff on that I bought the other day. It's OK but I must get some Treasure Gold to try the stuff I've used doesn't seem to show up very well.


Purple Missus said...

Brilliant Susan! These have turned out well.
The gesso doesn't affect the reaction of the bleach on the ink it only affects the colour of the ink when you put it on initially. You'll find that ink on emulsion goes a pale grey colour.
I usually put the bleach on when the ink is still wet, only because I'm impatient, not for any other reason but I wonder if it affects the end result. Will have to try that one. Take a look at Jacquelines Blog - theres a link in the sidebar on my blog - she's doing some wonderful things with paint on fabric.

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Susan, I just discovered your blog because of your comments (thank you very much by the way) What a great piece you made here. I am to impatient for hand embroidery but here a see the possibility's. It is really great!!! and the colours are lovely too!

Emmy said...

This is very intersting amd it turned out very great i love hand embriodery and this techniek works out very good must try it sometime

downunderdale said...

that's a wonderful effect - cheers