29 April 2007

Ne'er cast a clout till May be out

Well I've cast my clout. I don't sleep too well at the best of times but I've been too warm over the past week so I've taken a chance and taken my thick duvet off my bed.

The weather has been lovely today here in Liverpool and is supposed to stay warm all week. There's only one fault when it gets warmer and we leave the windows open, there's a house on the corner of another street that play music loudly. Our house is on the corner as well so we can't get away from the noise by going in to a back room because all the windows are on to the street. I dread to think what it must be like living next door to them.

I can't remember it being this warm so early in the year. Except for a few odd weeks here and there the past winter has been quite mild as well so Global warming is definitely here. We're doing out small bit to reduce our Carbon footprint. Check out this website for more info. We've put Low Energy light bulbs in each room, though we've always been conscious of not wasting electricity by turning light off and not leaving things on stand by. Out landlord gave us the bulbs a while ago. I'd gone in to their local office and the receptionist asked if we'd got our bulbs. I expected her to give us 1 or maybe 2 at the most but she handed over a box of
10 I couldn't believe it.

The local council are now doing regular fortnightly re-cycling collection now. At first it was only paper, then they added glass and tin cans. The week before last we got a leaflet to tell us they'll also take plastic bottles and cardboard packaging. So now we have 2 black bin bags one for re-cycling and 1 for the rest. Even after just one week it was amazing how much we put out. Makes you think how much rubbish has been put in landfill sites over the years that could have been recycled.

I'd like to send all the Epson compatible Inkjet cartridges I've collected to somewhere they can be recycled and raise money for a charity so if anyone knows if this is possible could they let me know. I've googled but all I can find are ones that take original cartridges and Epson are not included for some reason.

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Pat said...

Our branch of PC World takes cartridges for re-cycling, can't remember if it's for charity.